Free Weird Text Generator for Social Media Accounts

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How to use Weird Text Generator steps

What is a Weird Text Generator?

There may have come many instances when you would have seen a few funky weird texts on someone's social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, twitter.

Wondering from where people get these funky weird texts onto their social media handles? You've landed at the right place. Weird text generator is your answer to these problems.

You can type in anything you like in the textbox provided, and it generates a range of cool structured text that you can use literally anywhere you like. The best is that it's absolutely free!!

Using the vast range of text styles provided by this tool you can make your text stand out from what others have written. Let your text be the first to get noticed.

The tool generates text in several different styles and fonts.

Weird text generator helps you to change your text by remodeling it to or embedding the text with mess letters, fancy fonts, emoticons, emoji text, fancy letters, emojis, cool symbols, cool symbol text, stylish fonts, fancy fonts, different font styles and many more. 

The text generated by the tool would look something like this:


How to use Weird Text Generator?

You can copy and paste the weird text generated by this tool to any social media account like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tumblr, or any page on the web.

Step 1: Type the desired text in the input box provided at the top of the page. As you type, the generator will start working its magic and generate multiple forms of weird text.

Step 2: Just press copy against the text of your choice, and it will be copied to your clipboard. 

Step 3: Paste the text to your desired social media account and make your content stand out from the rest.

How does the Weird Text Generator work?

What we see and what the computer internally looks at are two completely different things. 

All computers see letters, words, or sentences as a set of binary digits, which are 1's and 0's. The machine only understands binary numbers, and we as humans understand alphabets and symbols.

A set of 1's and 0's to us would mean absolutely nothing. So naturally, we need a more natural way to talk to computers. 

To make computers understand the same way we know letters, an ASCII character set which had 128 standard characters including both uppercase and lowercase a-z and 0-9 was discovered and is being used. 

Thank god for this discovery or else we would have had to talk to computers in a sequence of 0's and 1's, which would have made our life a living hell rather than making it easy.

Now we have so many dialects around the world where each letter looks so totally different from the other, to make the computer understand the various different dialects people started coming up with their own encodings. Character encodings broke the internet. Unicode is one such form of a character encoding method.

This tool internally makes use of Unicode character set to create character encoding. Character encoding makes the fonts appear funky.

The regular text is converted into weird text by using Unicode symbols. These Unicode symbols are understood by the computer as normal letters and numerals even though they appear funky to us.

Unicode is a universal character encoding standard where every character and symbol will be assigned with a specific code.

Browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox prefer to use Unicode as a method for text encoding. Unicode supports data with multiple scripts like Hebrew, French, Chinese, and more.

Before Unicode came into the picture, computers could understand and process only one script, now it can process scripts written in any language thanks to Unicode!! 

Where can you use the Weird Text Generator tool?

As mentioned earlier, you can use the tool to generate any kind of funky weird looking or crazy and paste the text literally anywhere that you like.

You could use it to add comments on a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page, or to write up a really funky post on your social media account. You could also use it to write up a Youtube title and make sure that people click on your video just looking at the funky text.

You can use it if you attempting to write a story or an essay, it will help you to keep readers interested in your content.

You could use this tool as a weird text generator for Minecraft or generate alternate text, hidden text, shaky text, line through text, strike text, big text, small text, small caps text, messed up text, broken text, huge text, surreal text, coded text, wacky text, flist fancy text, Snapchat text, cross stitch text, Zelda text, persona text, blocky text, stacked text, acid text, overwatch text, keen text, drunk text, fire text, bolded text, troll text, optical illusion text and many more. 

The weird text generator tool not only provides a way to funk up your text but also provides a way to generate text embedded with some pretty cool weird emojis.

To add weird smileys to your text use the Weird Smile Emoji generator above. Similar to the weird smile emoji generator, you can see many others like weird Arrow text generator, Sparkle text generator.

You are free to use the one you like for absolutely free, and all you have to do is just copy and paste, easy, isn't it?

Fonts style is a variation in the way a text appears commonly called as typeface variations. Font styles can also have a weird side to it. Font styles are a mix of regular, bold, italic, or bold italic fonts. Using the tool, you can also generate Random Fonts.

The random font generator will style your plain text with text mixed with tattoo fonts, calligraphic fonts, handwriting fonts, emoji embedded font styles, pretty fonts, and many more. We have provided some pretty interesting font style combinations which you will surely like.

Another type of weird text is the discord font text, which text styled with different fonts in bold or italic. This type of text is used to make your context bolder and more prominent. discord font text is also sometimes called the "80's" text or "Japanese text."

You can use the Discord superscript generator to convert your normal text to D͎áµ¢͎s͎c͎ₒ͎áµ£͎d͎ ͎S͎ᵤ͎p͎ₑ͎áµ£͎s͎c͎áµ£͎áµ¢͎p͎t͎ ͎T͎ₑ͎ₓ͎t͎ and make it look cool like a math formula and make it stand out.

Ever heard of cursed Text? Yes, you're right, the text from which you absolutely understand nothing, like the text has been possessed or cursed. Cursed text is another form of weird text. This type of text style is also called "hacked text" or "Zalgo text." It is called a cursed text because what you see when your computer is possessed by a virus your screen would look something like the way this text appears.

Cursed Text Generator will add different marks and symbols around your text. Only if you observe really carefully, you can read what the text says else it will look like gibberish that means nothing. 

Can I use a weird text generator for Minecraft?

Yes, absolutely. The text generated using our tool can be copied and pasted in the Minecraft input area.

Can I use a weird text generator on Instagram?

Yes, You can show off the above text in the Instagram bio. Text Will instantly grab their attention. 

Can I use a weird text generator for individual letters?

Yes, You can either use words or individual letters to generate the weird text. You can use any length of words.